Oracle APPS Account Payables Create Payment API

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In this tutorial, I am going to share an unknown method for creating paymanets on Oracle EBS Account Payables. Since there isn’t any public API provided by Oracle, as developers we are investing into new methods. There is a buggy API which is provided by Oracle. It’s name is AP_PAY_SINGLE_INVOICE_PKG and it has a single procedure with the name of AP_Pay_Invoice_In_Full. So far, everything looks perfect. However this API has a minor bug which prevents creating payments. We need to set check number variable to -1 instead of null.

So we need to copy all of the package into a new XX named package and add the following code into it.

You can download whole packge by clicking to the following link:


In order to call this procedure, you can use following code. Another important point is you have to pass p_payment_type_flag parameter with the value of “A”. Otherwise it is not going to work.


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